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About our organization:
The purpose is to provide an open minded governing organization in which Nudist or Naturist clubs and properties can use to run their cook off events. Out goal is to give our participants the peace of mind of knowing the event is ran fairly and accurately.

1. Rules of the Hosting Club must be obeyed at all times.

2. All preparation must be done on site and outdoors. Any meat or meats that may be entered for judging will be cooked from scratch within the constraints of the event. Pre-cooking, Marinating, etc. will not be allowed either on or off the event site prior to meat inspection upon check in.

3. We prefer that all Pits use a natural wood substance as fuel. Pits may be started with fluids, gas or electric starters but must maintain its heat by wood fire. We also understand that the property owners may be concerned about wildfire risks and will allow the hosting club to choose the cooker types at their discretion. However the cooking must be done outside and in plain site.

4. All competitors must have a suitable fire extinguisher handy.

5. Meats used in competition must be USDA approved and is subject to inspection. Tip: Leave the product in the original package until you get on site.

6. If alcohol is allowed by the venue, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Drunkenness will be grounds for disqualification and possible removal from the venue.

7. Competitors are required to be as sanitary as possible while preparing their entry. We request that, if cooking nude, you wear an apron.

8. Please respect the property and pick up after yourself.

9. The head cook will be held responsible for the conduct of their team members and guests. Unruly conduct will be grounds for disqualification and possible removal from the venue.

10. Cooking teams can contain 1 to 4 members. All team members will be subject to gate fees to enter the club property. All participants must submit to a criminal background check. See the event registration form for more details.

11. The cooking event is clothing optional however, areas outside the event area are subject to nudity rules of the hosting club.

12. You may cook with sauce but it may not be added to the product after it has been sliced or pulled. No puddles in the sample trays.  Competitors will be asked to wipe up any juices or sauce in the bottom of the tray.

13. All Head Cooks will be required to attend a meeting in which all requirements will be explained and cooks will have the opportunity to ask questions.

14. No more than one team is allowed to cook on one single pit.

15. No live music or excessive loud music is allowed unless arrangements with the hosting club are made in advance.

16. No firearms or fireworks are allowed

17. Quiet Time is from Midnight to 6 AM.

BGNCS Cook of the Year:
At the end of each calendar year, there will be an event to recognize the top point earning teams. This will be announced at a later date.

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